Thirty days ago you received a letter stating the IRS intends to levy your paycheck. Now you open check on pay day and you find the IRS has garnished your wages so much that your basically broke. How are you planning on paying your car, your rent, buying groceries or paying your kids lunch for the rest of the month?  I hate to tell you this but this will continue for every check you earn till you pay your back taxes.

No matter how hard you argue with your boss they are powerless to give your money back. Wage garnishment is filed by the IRS and your work is required to collect it no matter how much they like you and how hard you work. At Mospens and Associates we regularly deal with the IRS to  to create acceptable payment plans that will work with you and the IRS as well as help you avoid future wage garnishments.

If your experiencing any sort of levy or wage garnishment please complete the form below and get help now.

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